Where It All Started

Years ago, I realized I wasn’t finding the joy or fulfillment I wanted in my career. I had worked as manager over multiple sales teams, was head of sales at a start up technology company and even “flipped a house” while working on a real-estate license. All of these jobs left me wanting more.


I yearned to help others obtain the best versions of themselves. Considering my love for people and fascination with the human body, my wife and I decided Chiropractic was the natural fit. We packed our belongings along with our two year old son and newborn baby girl, and headed to Portland, Oregon for three years to obtain a doctorate degree in chiropractic and a masters degree in sports medicine.


I was different than most chiropractic students in school: I didn’t have an undergraduate degree in biology, I had one in business. I wasn’t at school immediately after college, I was there with a family, with some life and business experience behind me. I didn’t always agree that the method taught in the classroom was the only approach, I was constantly cross- checking, brainstorming and thinking “outside the box”, for which I was criticized letting me know I was on to something big.


It’s no surprise that my approach after school is a bit different than most chiropractors out there. After working with hundreds of patients in school and many more thereafter, I found the solution to pain isn’t just a chiropractic adjustment, those only last for a few hours, the solution is finding the root of the pain and correcting it. Most often, the source behind symptoms is simply improper movement patterns and imbalanced muscles.


I created a program. One that is straightforward, simple, that anyone can do.  I have guided people who “tried everything else”, been told they were “broken” or that “pain is their new normal” through the program and we have had mind blowing success.


I find the source of pain, teach how to strengthen weak points, move correctly and balance the body. Every person who has committed to this program has left stronger, more empowered and functioning with little to no pain.


If you are looking to get out of pain, increase your athletic performance, get back in shape, or increase your general physical health, I want to be by your side and guide you to the life you desire. Everything we do here at Elevate Chiropractic and Wellness is focused on you, your goals and helping you to love your movement, so you can love your life.